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We at InterBering believe that the Bering Strait tunnel can be built through private financing without the financial help of central governments.

Besides completing the tunnel itself, for the United States, Canada and Russia roughly 4,000 miles of new conventional railroads would need to be built, at an estimated total cost of perhaps $90 to $120 billion. And with the support of international investors, and approval by local territorial governments if not those in Washington, Ottawa, and Moscow sufficient financing could be found to connect the railroads from both continents through the tunnel which would build either in advance, or after completing the railroad from Fairbanks or Anchorage to Cape Prince of Wales in Alaska.

In reality, the planning, construction and utilization of the tunnel across the Bering Strait will be launched only after much preparation by those with enlightened economic vision - and by private investors prepared to recognize opportunity and grasp it.

Progressing step by step, we intend to first establish an office in Alaska where local governments, construction concerns and finance groups can work together to achieve the higher level of communication necessary. Over time the value of the company will likely grow, as will the value of any investment per the ownership percentage secured on the day of investment.

The profit potential for InterBering is exciting on several levels. To begin with, revenue streams created by any new rail link connecting the existing North American railroads with destinations further north in Canada and Alaska, and with existing railroads in China, Russia and Japan further to the North to Chukotka Peninsula could be sizable. This will fully mature over a period of 15-20 years, as commercial trains deliver cargo and passengers north and also back to the lower forty-eight states. Any investment now should steadily grow in value along with the marketplace's recognition of the project's full potential.

Also to be considered is that by forming a Limited Liability Company, investors getting in on the ground floor stand to greatly profit should InterBering later become a publicly traded company. With an ultimate stock value possibly in the hundreds of billions of dollars - every initial investment might yield much more.

Building our own office, getting permits from federal and state agencies, starting environmental and surveying studies all will, of course, move forward our project and its profit potential.

Opportunities to invest in the InterBering available now, after we have formally established ourselves as Limited Liabilty Company as of October 1st, 2013 and has begun accepting investments from the public. You are cordially invited to become a member-investor and to benefit financially from what promises to be the monumental infrastructure achievement of a new era in global trade.

Please read all the information contained below and consider becoming an investor.

This is truly your chance to get in on the ground floor of the era's most exciting investment opportunity. The growing assests and holdings from private investors with InterBering Corporation will greatly assist our project negotiations at both the local and international levels. Meanwhile, technical aspects of project planning continue and securing of all the necessary agreements and permissions will follow.

Key provisions

Railroad transportation company InterBering, LLC, organized in the state of Alaska as a Limited Liability Company (hereafter "the LLC"), is an intermediary organization interested in the construction and operation of a Bering Tunnel and U.S.-Canada-Russia feeder railways. The LLC's initial goals are to accumulate, along with other members of the LLC, initial investment capital amounting to the sufficient sum, approximately $100,000,000, which required for registration InterBering as a corporation.

Once this goal is reached, and full business operations commence, the second phase of the project - converting the LLC into an open public corporation - will commence, with corporation shares issued and traded on a major U.S. stock exchange.

Taking into consideration the full scope of the InterBering, Inc.'s goals - construction of a Bering Strait tunnel along with railways and over 4,000 miles of conventional track in the U.S., Canada and Russia - the total amount of capital planned is US $500 billion and should be sufficient to complete return on investment of LLC members immediately upon converting the LLC into an open public corporation, shares issued and traded on a major U.S. stock exchange, and further construction work on railroad and other infrastructure projects in the three countries, including land acquisition and purchase of railway equipment to fully service:

● Standard (conventional) two-lane railway lines for regular freight and passenger traffic extend into both continents (North America and Eurasia), connecting to existing rail lines - especially from the terminal sites of Fort Nelson in Canada or other starting point, and Yakutsk in Russia, with multiple railway stations accommodating the development of neigboring regions, and the Bering Strait Tunnel, at the cost of US $145 billion dollars.

● Highways running parallel to the new transport corridors serving initially to assist in the organization of construction work, especially in the vicinities of Fairbanks and Wales (Alaska), and Yakutsk and Uelen (Russia), at the cost of US up to $15 billion.

● Land acquisition when necessary, at the cost up to US $10 billion.

● Energy Facility Construction, at the cost up to US $ 30 billion.

● Acquisition of Rolling Stock, at the cost up to US $15 billion.

● Other expenses, up to US $35 billion. See Complete Project Implementation Estimate.

Membership in InterBering, LLC

To become a member of InterBering, LLC an individual can be a U.S. citizen or foreign national interested in making a significant contribution toward connecting the railway systems of North America and Asia, or represent the private company, LLC, corporation, governmental institution, mutual fund, non-profit organization, or any other entity except the terroristic organization, a member of terroristic organization, a person or organization under US government sanctions, and is a subject of approval by the Director of InterBering, LLC.

Membership in the LLC is free, beyond a capital investment which in turn is expected to provide members with significant income after the formation of a public corporation and sale of shares on a major U.S. stock exchange. Members of InterBering, LLC will be rewarded for their early initiative with shares of the corporation at a proportion ratio per each one unit in invested capital to the InterBering, LLC.

Investment in InterBering, LLC

The minimum investment in InterBering, LLC is US $5,000.00 (5 units.)  The maximum investment amount is limited only to the total required capital of approximately US $100 million (100,000 units.) Total amount of units issued by InterBering, LLC is 500,000.

Request must be accompanied with membership application and purchasing required amount of units of InterBering, LLC.

Fundraising is carried out mainly through bank transfers, and in the U.S. as well with cashiers' checks.

All Investors can also apply to become the executive officers of InterBering, LLC and members of the Board of Directors. 

Possibility of redemption of Interbering, LLC by a major investor.

A large investor with his own capital, or a united group of investors who want to participate in the construction of a railway and a tunnel under the Bering Strait, has the opportunity to completely buy out our company InterBering, LLC. First of all, this opportunity will be provided to companies participating in the Chinese program The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI, or B&R), known within China as the One Belt One Road or OBOR/1B1R, sometimes referred to as the New Silk Road, or the investor who offers the highest amount.

In the event of the sale of our company InterBering, LLC, all investors of InterBering, LLC will also receive their money back in proportion to their invested capital.

Offers to purchase our company can be sent using our contact information on this page -

Termination of InterBering, LLC

Upon receipt of approximately US$100 million in invested capital, acceptance of further funds will stop and InterBering, LLC will be re-registered as a corporation with sale of its shares on a major U.S. stock exchange. At the same time, members of the LLC will receive shares in the new corporation, InterBering, Inc. These shares can be sold immediately or retained in anticipation of rising value.

The expected expenses of InterBering, LLC in the period of accumulation of the investment fund

During the period preceding the goal of reaching approximately US$100 million in capital accumulation, InterBering, LLC intends to utilize an estimated 10% of its money for office and representational expenses, and promotion of the project. Costs associated with signing treaties, conducting surveys, design work on the first section of construction of highway and railroad lines between contiguous USA, the cities of Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Wales, Alaska, and other project related expenses are also anticipated.

Information on those investing in InterBering, LLC

All required information about individual investors must be included in their application to become members of InterBering, LLC. Prospective applicants should go to to print out the application form. Investors should retain a copy of their signed application for their own records.
The certificate of membership indicating amount of units and the name of investor (as shown above) will be mailed to investor after completion of purchase.







By Ed Peters, South China Morning Post, Oct. 4, 2020.