"BIG TICKET". Is Alberta to Alaska Railway Port Mac's Sugar Savior? The railway may become a reality in 2022 if Sean McCoshen of A2A Railway has his way. By Dennis Anderson, AP, Jan. 3, 2019.

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A Superhighway Across the Bering Strait   by Adrian Shirk , The Atlantic, July 1, 2015


Moving Canadian products to China - by railway  by Ger. Pilger, April 17, 2015




By Ed Peters, South China Morning Post, Oct. 4, 2020. 

Alaska - Canada Rail Link:
Feasibility Reports

Phase 1.  Feasibility Study, 2005-2007 (read below.)

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Advisory Committee

Co-chairs Governor of Alaska and Premier of Yukon  

Alaska Members

State of Alaska Co-chair Frank H. Murkowski, Governor  
Alaska Legislature - Senate John Cowdery, Chair of Rules Committee  
Alaska Legislature - House John Coghill, Representative, North Pole  
Alaska Railroad Corporation Pat Gamble, President  
Doyon Limited Orie Williams, CEO  
Ex-Officio Jeanette James  

Yukon Members

Government of Yukon Co-chair   Dennis Fentie, Premier  
Yukon Economic Development Jim Kenyon, Minister  
Council of Yukon First Nations Andy Carvil, Grand Chief  
Kaska Tribal Council Dave Porter  

Management Working Group

Chair Deputy Minister, Yukon Economic Development  

Alaska Members

Department of Transportation Mike Barton, Commissioner  
Alaska Railroad Corporation Bruce Carr, Director, Strategic Planning  
Governor's Office Rob Corbisier, Special Staff Assistant  
Department of Transportation Mark Taylor, Special Projects Administrator  
Ex-Officio Jeannette James  

Yukon Members

Yukon Economic Development (Chair) Eugene Lysy, Deputy Minister  
Yukon Highways & Public Works John Stecyk, Deputy Minister  
Yukon Indian Development Corporation Stanley Noel, CEO  
Government of BC Kathleen Miller, ADM, Transportation  
Government of Canada David W. Murray, Reg. Director General  
Ex-Officio Ed Storm, Manager, BC Ministry of Transportation  



Alaska Canada Rail Link Project Management Team

Project Manager Kells Boland  
Assistant Project Manager Peter Laight  
Project Manager, Ports Access Roy Matson  
Project Communications Coordinator Amanda Leslie  
University of Alaska Fairbanks Paul Metz  

Alaska Canada Rail Link Project Consultants


Market Research Team

Boston Consulting Group, Toronto, ON  
Gartner Lee Ltd., Whitehorse, YT    
GHK International, Vancouver, BC    
Hatch Consulting, Mississauga, ON    
Inukshuk Planning & Development, Whitehorse, YT  
Klugherz & Associates, Seattle, WA    
Landspoint Consulting, Calgary, AB    
Lockhead Martin, Anchorage, AK    
QGI Consulting, Edmonton, AB    
Raw Materials Group, Stockholm, Sweden  
Vector Research, Whitehorse, YT    
Yukon Economic Development, Whitehorse, YT  

Technical/Engineering Research Team

Banjar Management Inc., Delta, BC    
CH2M Hill Canada Ltd.    
DKA Marketing, Vancouver, BC    
EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., Whitehorse, YT  
HDR Engineering, Chicago, IL    
Innovative Scheduling, Gainesville, FL    
Pacific Contracting Co. LLC, Skagway, AK  
UMA Engineering Ltd., Edmonton, AB    
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Yukon Engineering Services, Whitehorse, YT
Financial Advisory Team
Ernst & Young Orenda, Vancouver, BC
HDR/HLB Decision Economics Inc., Ottawa, ON
Macquarie North America Ltd., Vancouver, BC
Partnerships, B.C., Victoria, BC
Strategic Impacts Team
Information Insights Inc., Fairbanks, AK
Informetrica Ltd., Ottawa, ON
IRIS Environmental Systems Inc., Calgary, AB
Macleod Institute, Calgary, AB

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State of Alaska released long term
Freight Rail Improvements and Investments
Plan which includes Alaska-Canada Rail Link
 and Rail Extension from Fairbanks to 
Nome and North Slope
(Nov. 2015.)
Summary of Recent Plans and Projects - PDF doc [4.42 MB]

Alaska-Canada Railroad Project, March 2012.
Incremental Expansion Project Breakout.
By Paul Metz, PhD, CPG, P.G. and Mark Taylor, P.E.
University of Alaska Fairbanks.