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The Pasific Development Corridor: Maglev Across the Bering Strait.   By Benjamin Deniston, EIR.   Sept. 13 , 2013
Trans-Siberian Railroad Getting New Lease on Life.  
By Alexander Panin,
The Moscow News.
  July 5
, 2013

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USA - Canada - Russia - China - Europe
 International Railroad



A Superhighway Across the Bering Strait   by Adrian Shirk ,
The Atlantic, July 1, 2015


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Frank Murkowski, former Alaska Governor, presents Canada-Alaska rail link
at World Trade Center, Anchorage

Denver, Center of the Cosmopolitan Railway   by Carl Abbott , April 3, 2018


InterBering is a Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Alaska. Our expertise includes the integration of information and management processes with particular focus on the organization, financing and construction of an interhemispheric Bering Strait tunnel and joining the railways of two continents, North America and Asia.

In recent years engineers from both the United States and Russia have in fact researched and planned a proposed connecting railway complete with undersea transit tunnel. The financing and completion of this potentially game-changing undertaking may well involve a merger of the best in public and private enterprise.

But the benefits will be shared by consumers on both continents and worldwide.

We at InterBering, LLC are strategically positioned to coordinate and to provide expert liaison, translation and listing services for American and other companies interested in helping us turn vision into reality. With offices in Anchorage, Alaska and experienced contacts in Russia - we stand ready to build the tunnel under the Bering Strait and also to assist to build the railroads from Canada to Alaska and further to Russia via Bering Strait tunnel.

Our InterBering.com website provides opportunities for the exchange of information between investors, governmental, public and private organizations involved in the proposed construction of the Great Bering Way, as this rail link project is also known.

We plan to actively bring about an historic agreement between the Governors of the State of Alaska (USA) and Chukotka Atonomous Okrug (Russia) making this proposed rail tunnel a future reality.

Currently we are working on the following tasks:

· Securing permission from governments to cross borders during any construction, along with permission from private landowners and two Native corporations within Alaska
· Providing for environmental studies
· Planning a proposed budget for the various phases of project construction
· Finding specialists to manage our own operations. This includes a dedicated management team consolidating all aspects of the future business, land and right-of-way management, other construction aspects, perspectives on mineral deposit mining inside proposed tunnel and along proposed railroad, connections with existing Alaska and Canada railroads, preparing for studies and preliminary designs, choosing surveying and construction companies, and transforming InterBering, LLC into a publicly traded corporation.

The US and Russian governments were trying to start the construction of a railway between the two continents, North America and Asia, in 1907. Russian Tsar Nicholas II twice signed a building permit, but also changed his decision twice and under the influence of advisers, did not allow construction. The Americans made the big mistake that after such a negative decision of the Russian tsar they immediately left all activity and did not build a railway from at least New York to Alaska.

If the railway to the Bering Strait via Canada had already been laid, we would only need to build a tunnel to connect with Russia, China and Europe. The tunnel costs only US $35 billion, which is much cheaper than the construction of the railways themselves, which will cost more than US $100 billion. Russia has already adopted a state plan to build a railroad to the Bering Strait from the city of Yakutsk for the development of the territory of the Russian Far East, but it does not have the money to do so.

Therefore, we, at InterBering, will not repeat the mistake of the former heads of states. Of course, it's good if the presidents of the United States and Russia, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met this year and signed an agreement on the construction of the railroad! They plan it, but there are many political forces that do not want a peace treaty between the US and Russia.

Therefore, if the presidents cannot do this for political reasons now, then we will not wait, but we will build a railway across Canada to Alaska up to the Bering Strait, which will take 10 to 15 years. After 15 years, of course, the political situation will be different, and during this time everything can change too. Therefore, at the first opportunity, we will begin to design and build a tunnel under the Bering Strait.

When the railroad from Washington to Alaska will be built, trains will start to run along it and transport numerous cargoes - oil and coal, passengers and tourists. It will already be profitable!

But for the members of the InterBering, LLC, this will not impose any problems! After all, the return of investment to the members of the LLC will not be received when the railway is built and will bring profit, but immediately after re-registration of the LLC for the corporation, and this will happen when we collect the necessary 20 million dollars for the registration of the corporation. In this case, for each contribution to our LLC, equal to US $1,000 for each unit of LLC, a member of the LLC will receive shares of the corporation, InterBering, Inc. in the amount of one million dollars, that is, a thousand times more. These shares can be sold immediately or retained in anticipation of rising value.

Therefore, we see now only one delay in this matter - this is how soon we will be able to attract investments worth US $20 million, as well as to select competent and professional people for positions on the board of directors of the future corporation. Usually, such people are those who made the most investments. Therefore, along with a small investments that allows us to carry out preparatory work this year, we also expect that the bulk of the money will be supplemented by large investors.
· Acceptance of investments.

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Fyodor G. Soloview
Founder / Member / President InterBering, LLC 
Anchorage, Alaska,
United States