Advertising at InterBering website

For many U.S. and foreign service companies, the proposed railroad from Canada and Alaska connecting with Russian rail lines via an underwater Bering Strait tunnel - will bring vast profits. Even after the initial project construction is complete.

Advertising on our website gets you the attention of project planners!

InterBering company, positioned as acknowledged project experts, may help select the contractors utilizing billions of dollars in project funding to complete the railroad, undersea tunnel, utility lines, surveying, engineering and much else.

Your advertisements on our website can focus attention on your company's own expertise. And they can help decision makers choose the best qualified to join in moving forward this millennial intercontinental construction project.

We are now accepting advertising bids. Currently the available ad spaces are running generic Google ads or ads placed by others - but will be displaying those of potential project contractors and other interested firms. Including yours, if you act now.

Bids for space on will be accepted during the year for current or future placement. You can apply with ad for one spot at the same time.

You may send your prepared ad. Any standard format ad will be accepted, including flash. We can also create ads for you if requested.

The advertising space is to be paid for on an annual basis. Our list of prices:

  • TOP HORIZONTAL AD (728 x 90 pixels). Starting bid price $5,000 per year.

  • RIGHT RECTANGULAR AD (under the menu, 336 x 280 pixels). Starting bid price $4,000 per year.

  • FIRST RIGHT VERTICAL AD (below the page, 160 x 600 pixels). Starting bid price $1,000 per year.

  • SECOND RIGHT VERTICAL AD (running below previous ad, 160 x 600 pixels). Starting bid price $500 per year.

For ad submission, please use the information given on our contact page, or email to . Companies unable to utilize our web pages may wish to consider having us place a link to your own business website or to a separate landing page we can help you create.

By Ed Peters, South China Morning Post, Oct. 4, 2020.